Photos from the Los Angeles World Premiere Production   -   Cast photos by Sherry Netherland                   Click to watch the Behind the Scenes Video



Mom's Gift Set



Gina Yates & Chris Winfield


Trisha Hershberger, Gina Yates & Julia Silverman


Cyrus Alexander & Patrick Skelton



Gina Yates, Julia Silverman, Trisha Hershberger, Lisa McGee-Mann, Cyrus Alexander & Chris Winfield

Lisa McGee-Mann & Patrick Skelton


Gina Yates, Cyrus Alexander & Julia Silverman

The Lonny Chapman Theatre

Front row: Britt Chichester, Gina Yates, Joy Darash, Trisha Hershberger, Sherry Netherland, Cyrus Alexander

Back row: Laura Coker, Chris Winfield, Julia Silverman, Phil Olson, Steve Shaw, Paul Cady, Lisa McGee-Mann, Patrick Skelton, Pascale Gigon


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